A lightweight Security Framework for Wireless Sensor Networks against the Blackhole Attack

  • Ganesh R. Pathak, M.S. Godwin Premi, Suhas H. Patil, Shashank D. Joshi


In recent days the most emerging research field is the Wireless Sensor Networks. Wireless Sensor Networks have been used in numerous fields of application like traffic control, environmental monitoring, military etc. Since the attacker can compromise each sensor node, the WSN isn't a safe network. Security vulnerabilities such as Sinkhole Attack, Black Hole Attack, Wormhole Attack are numerous in sensor networks. In recent times too many algorithms are being suggested to identify or prevent the researchers from attacking. Still, the work continues to assess the trust and credibility of the sensor nodes. Currently, indirect and direct trust values are used to track the behavior of nodes and a majority of the monitoring system detects an attack using additional nodes. This approach raises costs and overheads as well. This paper proposes an EDPMBA i.e. Enhanced Detection and Prevention Mechanism for Black Hole Attack Method of Trust which detects the Black Hole attack in the network. Attacker Detection metric is used in the proposed work to identify malicious nodes based on time delay and reliability.