Improved Secure Data Transmission Approach (ISDTA) in Dynamic Cognitive Radio Network

  • Anand Ashok Khatri, Yogesh Kumar Sharma, Satish Ramchandra Todmal


Cognitive Radio also termed as CR, an adaptable and reactive radio network technology which is capable of dynamic detection of accessible nodes situated in a wireless spectrum and changing transmission parameters, providing a communication channel which is more direct on the network and increasing network activity. Although current techniques are designed to solve specific problems in some circumstances, these solutions are not sufficiently robust or flexible to ensure safety under complex conditions essential to breaches of security. This research work has given the details about the simulation of ISDTA and its performance. Simulations and experimental setup are carried out for proposed ISDTA, conventional AODV and Insecure AAODV. With comparison under different conditions, the ISDTA provided best performance, under all insecure conventional routing protocols, with higher packet delivery ratio and high network through, the ISDTA aims to be more robust in terms of communication. Thus, it is proposed that ratio will take measures based on these conditions before an attack takes place instead of having some kind of new protection mechanism. Different access scenarios are examined to enable the CS, taking those conditions into account.