Research Article Phishing Attack

  • Komal Chauhan, Saurav Kumar, Jyot, Dr. Anupriya Jain


Background: Phishing Attack is a network attack, where the attacker makes a fake website page to fool users and sends the connection to this website via mail or instant message to submit their data, password, and information, and the user believes that this website is the website of the service provider. Methods: In this paper, we did phishing attack via a website(Z-Shadow) from which we can do phishing attack and copy the link from the website and send this copied link via email and when a user enters their valuable data such as user Id and password it will save my account database. Results: This paper offers brief details on the phishing attack and also explains how the attacker operates in a phishing attack. A program called "Anti Phishing Simulator" was developed in this research, giving details about the phishing detection problem and how phishing emails can be detected. With this program, phishing and spam emails are detected by an analysis of mail content. Conclusion: It is concluded that lance phishing scams are a sort of deliberately targeted phishing attacks. A normal lance phishing assault involves a connection as well as an email address. It is therefore important that the organizations implement appropriate security measures to minimize the effects of these attacks.