A Novel Approach for Malicious Node Detection in Cluster-Head Gateway Switching Routing in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks

  • Monika Gupta , Puneet Garg , Swati Gupta, Rakesh Joon


Ad hoc network is a group of wireless networks that permits communicating directly with another node without a router. Every node imparts inside a scope of wireless transmission. MANET is a gathering of multi-hop remote ad hoc network. Every node transmits the message to another node by means of a remote network. This network is totally hazardous and along these vulnerable to attackers. Every device in MANET is dynamic in nature and over and again changes its links to different devices. Mobile ad hoc network (MANET) is a persistent, self-arranged, adaptable, low capacity independent and infrastructure less network associated with cell phones. There are various issues that emerge in the administration and directing between nodes in the network since wireless network deal with a dynamic topology. The primary reason for algorithm routing is to give the best and optimum distance route from source to destination. When sending packet to destination, none of the nodes from the source to the destination node through intermediate nodes send an acknowledgement to the source node. At that point that node is known as a malicious node. Therefore, different techniques for perceiving that malicious node have been portrayed. The success of a ad hoc network relies upon the open's trust in its security. Different strategies are utilized to identify malicious nodes. This paper is tied in with managing malicious nodes for secure information transmission. Malicious nodes are nodes that influence the other nodes. MANET incorporates highlights, for example, military, disaster influenced zones and dynamic topology, fixed infrastructure. Anyway it has some security issues and difficulties. MANET[7] is vulnerable to against different attacks because of its open media. In this way, there is a need to concentrate in detail how to identify malicious or misbehaving nodes[8] in the network. In this paper, different strategies for distinguishing the misuse of the node are introduced. Strategies introduced in this proposition are: Watchdog, ExWatchDog, TWOK, and OCEAN.