Impact Of Digital Technology On The Postures Adopted By Teenagers

  • Roopa Rao


Background/Objectives:- Users adopt awkward postures due to the prolonged study/work sessions causing musculoskeletal disorders such Forward Head Posture (FHP), Text Neck Syndrome, Occipital Neuralgia, among others such as eye strain and eye fatigue which are the most common problems experienced.  


Methods/Statistical analysis:- A study was conducted among 120 electronic gadget users (aged 14 – 19 years) with the prime objective of analyzing the postures adopted while using gadgets, specifically mobile phones, laptops, and tablets. Self-constructed questionnaire and a measurement scale CMDQ (Cornell Modified Musculoskeletal Discomfort Questionnaire) was used to elicit data. 


Findings:- The analyzed data reveals that teenagers spend a large part of the day using the tablet and mobile device each day. Sitting, standing, and slouching postures were adopted commonly while using the e-gadgets. They experienced severe pain in the neck region, lower and upper back. The pain was also experienced in the right shoulder and the base of the right thumb. Headaches, eye fatigue, and redness of the eye are associated with using electronic gadgets in dim light led to headaches. The teens are aware and agreed to the fact that using phones for a very long duration adversely affects them. Advice to stop using these addictive devices will not be taken positively by this age group. Hence, instructions for safe use such as adopting neutrally aligned posture, limiting the use of the gadgets, and appropriate controls/setting modifications are necessary.