A Framework of Data Processing for AI Models using AI Pro

  • Ch. Hrudaya Neeharika, Y.Md.Riyazuddin, K.Sandya


Introducing AI Pro, which is an opensource framework for data(information) processing with Artificial Intelligence (AI) models. Framework engaged clients have tremendous capacity for change over crude information into important data with a basic design document. Simulated intelligence Pro's design document creates an information pipeline from starting to closure with numerous information changes as wanted. Man-made intelligence Pro backings significant profound learning structures & Open Neural Network Exchange(ONNX), which permits clients  pick models from Artificial Intelligence systems bolstered by Open NeuralNetwork Exchange. Wide scope-of AI Pro highlights, utilize benevolent web-interface offers everybody a chance that expand their AI-application skylines, regardless to client's specialized skill. It has all the quint-essential highlights that do start-to-finish processing of data, which can exhibit utilizing of two genuine situations.