The Nexus Between Foreign Direct Investment And Export Toward Economic Growth Of Indonesia, China, And India

  • Abshor Marantika, Samsurijal Hasan, Muhammad Iqbal Fasa, Iva Faizah


Foreign direct investment is one of the most important areas for developing countries, mainly Asian countries such as Indonesia, India, and the Philippines. The economic globalization processes have impact developing countries that have been beholding immense surge of FDI inflows during last two decades. The proposed research aims to examine the impact of FDI on Indonesian, China, and India's economic growth. This study is panel data analysis using Panel data to examine the relationship of FDI and export on the Indonesian, China, and India's economic growth.  Further, the research analyses the sector growth challenges in positioning in globally competitive markets for FDI. The paper highlights the policy implications, complexities in sustaining economic growth, regional and global competitiveness in a broad spectrum of FDI.