Happy Gramps: Senior Citizens Safety App - Using Fall Detection Mechanism And Miscellaneous Functionalities

  • Yashashri Gharat et al.


With the ever-growing population of senior citizens in the world, it is becoming more and more necessary
to build solutions for the problems they regularly face. Even though many problems have been cleverly
addressed and smart solutions are technically available in the market, they don't seem to have much impact
on the life of an average senior citizen. Most of the available solutions focus on solving one problem, without
addressing the other common ones. Moreover, only a small subset of these solutions is readily available to
everyone. The problem is that these solutions are rarely affordable and accessible. Even with the booming
IT sector, there are very few application software that address the needs of the elderly. For this very reason,
we are introducing a way in which smartphones- a device that has become an everyday companion- can be
used to address the needs of the senior citizens. We propose a smartphone application, which can provide
precautionary measures in case of emergency, and also aid senior citizens in their day-to-day activities by
providing different functionalities such as fall detection, emergency alert, reminder alert, as well as ability
to store important information and contacts.