Voice Controlled Smart Home

  • Indu Dokare et al.


Over the past few years, the home automation industry has seen huge expansion due to the fact that
home automation has become comparatively highly accessible due to ever increasing dependency on
smartphones and smart devices. In Spite of this, problems in the interoperability of devices arise
because of the absence of uniformly accepted protocol inside the application layer which prompts the
user to be able to access and monitor multiple smart applications and appliances. During the course of
this study, a voice-controlled smart home automation system was developed and implemented using the
OpenHab framework that provides a platform that is focused on mixing various smart devices and
technologies at the back-end. Since much of the smart devices possess differing communication
protocols, the aim of this project was on the process of development of a sensible home automation
solution that is modular and versatile. In addition, this system uses Google Voice Assistant for voice
control which is integrated into the system via OpenHab cloud connector. RESTful protocols are used
to integrate different devices with different communication protocols and used MQTT protocol to add
sensors to NodeMCU that keeps a watch on the ambient conditions of the room.