Path Loss Models for 5G Millimeter Wave in Urban Microcells at 60GHZ

  • Prof Jyoti Dange et al.


In this paper we focus on measurement for a future outdoor cellular system at 60 GHZ which directed in
an urban microcellular environment with line of sight(LOS) as well as non line of sight (NLOS)situation
utilizing different combinations of omnidirectional and directional transmit and receive antennas. .In
support of the collected data ,in our research we describe a path loss model generated using the monte
carlo simulation suitable for the improvement of fifth generation standard (5G)that shows the distance
reliance of received power. This loss is communicated in simple formula as the entirely of an inaccessible
of path loss factor and floating intercept that minimize the mean square error fit to the empirical data ,
here we illustrate the two path loss model demonstrating in two unlike scenario to analysis its different
parameter ,such as received power ,path loss and path loss exponent.