Supply Chain Visibility Using Blockchain

  • Rushabh Timbadia et al.


A supply network is a very intricate chain of numerous exchanges between different organizations involved
and has developed over a very long period of time. And the introduction of e-commerce has also increased
the demands of the supply chain in the past few years. There are many malpractices in this industry such
as shipping of fake or used products, tampering with MRP. In the food and beverage industry, regulations,
labeling standards, and audits make trace-ability amendatory objective. But in some industries due to the
nature of its products and customer consumption patterns, supply chain pro0duct traceability is a low
priority, for example, the apparel industry. To tackle this problem, we propose a system where the
information regarding the supplier, product, and customer will be collected using the blockchain
technology. Blockchain technology will be used for this system to record the entity(s) involved in the supply
of products from the supplier to the customer into an immutable ledger so as to keep a permanent record
of the transaction. For this system, a virtual Ethereum blockchain will be used using the software Ganache,
and the interaction with the blockchain will be done using the web3.js library and Truffle framework. A
smart contract will validate and carry out all the transactions that take place between the entities