Smart Water Level Management System Using Arduino

  • Amit Yadav et al.


Nowadays all communications are done using the internet; this concept is called the Internet of
things (IoT). Things in IoT can be anything or everything that we use in our daily lives. And in this
project, the thing & quota; is a water tank. So why water tanks? Basically water level in the tank
gets reduced and it needs to be filled again before the tank gets completely empty. In the process
of filling the water again we usually forget to close the valve of the pump, due to which the water
can be overflown and get wasted. This is the reason we proposed the smart system for water level
management. Our concept utilizes an Arduino that can provide monitoring level of the water tank.
That Arduino will open and close the pump or valve automatically so that the water is not overflown
and wasted. We are using the float sensors which will sense the level of the water.