6G Network Access and Edge-Assisted Congestion Rule Mechanism using Software-Defined Networking

  • Prajakta Borole et al.


Now-a-days there is a wide usage of internet ongoing due to which the users face internet traffic
and low speed surfing resulting in traffic congestion. The analysts are now looking at the potential 6G
technology after 5G network becomes a major commercial success. To cope up with the internet
traffic we have introduced network congestion avoiding mechanism and avoiding jamming of
congestion in communication. The system will take Real time data for avoiding buffering of traffic
flow. The results of the evaluation of this proposed mechanism suggest that it can improve the
efficiency of network. Another concern is network security as there is need for unified security
architecture protecting the authenticity of the data over the network. There is a need for security as
the users send and communicate so there is higher risk of data malign or piracy. Network Slicing is
another mechanism where there is virtual slicing of network to avoid slow broadband speed, where
individual should not be hampered due to broadband speed. The system proposes slice admission
control scheme for network slicing. The proposed system also compares the internet speed using
transmission technique for understanding the 6G network functioning.