Gas Spillage Detection and Quick Alert System Using IoT

  • DHARMI SHETH et al.


This paper manages the improvement of a development innovation gas sensor for identification, checking
and control arrangement of LPG spillage. These days the utilization of the gas is expanded the gas
spillage has been an eminent issue. The gas spillage causes the wastage of the gas and principally as its
flammable genuine damage should be possible to the living thing and other property. To beat such an
episode, we are building up an IoT based Gas Leakage Detection and Alert Generating framework by
utilizing raspberry pi. This will advise the client about the spillage and take the security quantifies in a
split second. The possibility of the framework is that the gas sensor is utilized which distinguishes the
nearness on the gas in the encompassing climate and in the event that the estimation of the gas in air is
expanded, at that point the limit esteem alert is created by the framework and the framework can be
observed and controlled remotely