Smart Toll Pay:An Android Based Application for Hardware-less Toll Payment

  • Shubham Palkar , Aniket Kadam , Shashank Padma, Ms. Nikita Patil


The growth in the population of cars has increased a lot and is predicted to burst through in the coming
years . All of this introduces more traffic , more pollution and more cost to people . We cannot control the
growth in the population of cars but can do a thing or two by tweaking some functionalities in some of the
systems used by these cars . One such system is a Toll system and we could change the traditional way of
a Toll system working into a modern way by utilizing the technology available to us. Here we introduce
anewwayof functioning of Toll System making use of Geofencing and real time database which greatly
reduces the efforts taken at the Toll and helps both the human and the nature.