Secured Online Voting System Using Blockchain Technology

  • Tanvi Shah et al.I


Social Life is one of the most benefited area by technology. Advancement in technology provides
unrestricted access to diversified resources and a huge knowledge base to develop a globally connected
architecture. Technology such as the Internet has proved to be a boon for innovations and crafting
resources beneficial to mankind. One such groundbreaking innovation is Blockchain-an exciting
technological advancement prominently
Known for its application in cryptocurrency. Blockchain offers an infinite range of applications which
benefit from the concept of shared economy. With properties such as immutability, decentralized
architecture, Blockchain presents itself as a potential solution in bridging the current parity between
common man and its government. Elections keeps a democratic country functioning by providing its
citizens the fundamental right of choosing their own government.Thus carrying out transparent
elections and preventing electoral fraud is of utmost importance.
This paper aims to evaluate the application of Blockchain technology as a medium to conduct online
electronic voting seamlessly and transparently.This paper analyzes the need and requirements of
building an Electoral portal using the Blockchain technology and identifying the legal and technical
challenges that may be faced while designing the system.