Nourishing Indian Economy- through Curriculum Change in Rural Schools

  • V. Dhinakaran et al.


This paper examines the relationship between Indian economy and rural education. Education is
one of the most effective methods to reduce economic inequality. Education is the secret to enriching the
productivity of India in the quest for global economy. Hence ensuring educational opportunities for all,
particularly the poor and rural population, is essential to the nation's economic and social development.
Most of Indians still live in communities and hence the issue of rural learning is of utmost importance. To
benefit from education, a nation does not have to have a comprehensive network of colleges or universities;
it can provide basic education programs and can see substantial economic changes. When we increase the
quality and provide a modified curriculum, it increases their overall productivity and transforms them from
poverty and increases the intellectual capabilities of the labour force. When the country’s labour force gets
skilled, it automatically enhance the pace towards modernization and enjoy a wide range of economic