Study on Impact of training on Employee Performance and Commitment

  • Suruchi Pandey, Shruti Chaudhary, Shubhi Bhardwaj, Vidhan Sharma


This study intent to explore the impact that training creates on employee performance. It seeks to measure a correlation between training, reward and recognition, employee performance, commitment and their association with job. The scope of the study covered inputs from employees and HR managers of mainly service sector to determine the impact on employee performance. The research was mainly carried through questionnaire surveys and literature reviews. The study concludes that if the employees are given the right kind of job related training then it results in increase in job performance and leads to greater involvement in job. This will be nirvana situation for any employer. Having committed employee’s doing their best of the customers. The relevance of training is all the more important when we talk about service sector employees. Committed and trained employees can have satisfied customers. In addition, organisations can leverage from this fact as it will give them a competitive advantage.