A phenomenology of leadership in NGOs; A Case study of WoTR: An antidote to drought?

  • Swati Vispute, Akshit Patnaik


The research is aimed at exploring leadership from a different lens. Phenomenology as a research approach looks in to the lived experience of individuals. In this research we delve into the phenomenon of leadership by looking at individuals and their lived experiences as they play the role of the leader in an organization, in an exploration to arrive at the essence of leadership. For the context of the study only one NGO was chosen and participants were interviewed. FGDs were conducted to verify data, and triangulation was used to identify key incidents and overlaps in experience. The analysis of the collected data through identifying themes, textures and epoch was done to understand the essence of leadership in the organization. The results identify a unique set of elements which constitute the essence of leadership in the organization and helps answer the question what does it mean to be a leader?