CSR based Strategic PPP model - A way to strengthen Ayushman Bharat

  • Viraja Bhat , Jeevan Nagarkar, Prakash Rao


Universal reach and provision for education and healthcare have been always termed as two important factors in characterizing any nation as developed or developing. With an aspiration to be a developed nation in the next twenty years, India has to target on achieving universal health care and education for all citizens. Due to the consistent efforts of the government, the education has improved over the years but the health care focus has been more insuring the lives than holistic health care. India lacked in universal health care and hence saw lack of policy implementation leading to non-utilization of demographic advantage. India can be termed as developed only when the nation has healthy population with access to an efficient universal healthcare system.  Ayushman Bharat has been one such initiative by the Indian government with an objective to address holistic health comprising of prevention, promotion and ambulatory care at all levels. The implementation of the scheme requires significant amount of funds and facilities with participation from all stakeholders of the society. Corporates role has been very significant in the health care provision in the form of investment of funds termed as charity. Post CSR Act implementation in 2013, business organizations have been investing CSR funds in health care and allied areas. Pharmaceutical companies have expertise, manpower and funds to carry out in health care and allied activities and bring in extensive social changes. In the current study the authors have attempted to understand and analyze CSR funds utilization by companies in health care. The study has been carried out by analyzing the CSR funds utilization from the year 2013-2018 by the top 300 market listed companies and proposes a thematic PPP model for CSR funds utilization to strengthen Ayushman Bharat scheme.