Review paper on significance of culture on learning environment

  • Swati Tiwari, Mita Mehta


At global level, there  is  growing  concern  about  how  to  educate  all people and comprehend the minutiae of human learning. Given  this  fact,  culture  has  become  a  preeminent  factor  in  understanding learners and learning. Studies on Cultural diversity in Educational Institutes has been regularly conducted as the number of students from various religion, race, ethnicity, region is on a rise in such Institutes. Studying abroad is seen as an opportunity to learn more about new cultures, languages and gain a deeper understanding about people around the world.  This conceptual review paper aims at creating an understanding about the ways in which such diverse crowd influence the overall learning environment. Learning environment comprises of all the interchanges among participants as well as with the facilitator while conducting an educational exercise. The paper studies whether the already existing foundation among culturally diverse individuals acts as an aid in the teaching learning process. It draws out detrimental findings from previous relevant articles and also discusses implications of each one on the topic. While concluding the review article summarises the key points that emerged from prior studies into few conceptual viewpoints and also provides direction for future studies on the same subject.