• Rathika Kannan ,Dr.M.Malathi


                Ladies everywhere throughout the world are confronting a lot of dishonest physical provocation. Ladies face different sorts of sexual brutality in broad daylight spaces, from inappropriate behavior to rape including assault and femicide. It occurs on avenues, open vehicle and leaves, in and around schools and working environments, in open sanitation offices and water and nourishment appropriation locales, or in their own neighborhoods. In India, consistently in excess of 30 ladies were killed and many are enduring stark mental and physical injury. Hence, a wearable device enhanced with GSM technology is proposed. The proposed system has a sensing unit, in the form of a watch and is responsible for monitoring the heartbeat of the women. Once we place the finger in the finger print scanner, it will open the system by rotating the motor in clockwise direction. For closing the system, by using the same finger which is placed in the finger print scanner to rotate the motor in anti-clock wise direction. The system consists of RTC (Real Time Clock) which will display the clock in the system. Here we are using heartbeat sensor to measure the heartbeat of the women. If any harassment takes place to women, naturally heartbeat will increase then the wearable device sends the SMS to respective people or police through GSM technology. The system will take 10 seconds delay to send the SMS to respective people. Once the user place the another finger in the finger print scanner within 10 seconds, the system understand that the person is normal and stop the SMS alert to respective people.

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