Mapping of Vehicular Noise Pollution using GIS

  • K.Santhoshkumaar, N.Muralimohan, A.Sathiyaseelan, G.Santhosh, S.Sanjaikumar


Noise pollution is the propagation of noise that has harmful impact on the daily activities of human or animal lives. It is immoderate and disrupts the balance of human and animal life. Noise may impair the quality of life and eventually gives rise to both social and psychological problems.  Nowadays, people residing in urban areas are exposed to more noise when compared to people from rural areas. This causes potential danger to their hearing abilities. There is more noise generated in urban areas due to the increase in vehicular traffic and population density. This paper describes a study that aims at measuring the noise levels at selected points in perundurai panchayat town in Erode with a view to generate a noise map over the study area in addition to identifying areas where the intensity of noise is very high. It is done by using the ArcGIS software, which is a geographic information system(GIS) for working with the geographic data and map.

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K.Santhoshkumaar, N.Muralimohan, A.Sathiyaseelan, G.Santhosh, S.Sanjaikumar. (2020). Mapping of Vehicular Noise Pollution using GIS. International Journal of Advanced Science and Technology, 29(05), 1114 - 1119. Retrieved from