Privacy Management System Using Ip-Address

  • G. Vijay Kumar, V. Sushma Reddy, Y. Ruthvik, Ch. Padmavathi


Online social networks (OSN’s)  have now become the most popular platforms for people to share information with others. To outfight the drawbacks of existing features we are proposing a strong and more secure technique using ip address. Our proposed scheme provides high security by sending the ip address as user authentication and security key generation. In this technique we have to registered mail address in the social networks. The security analysis of our work is like a gate way to many applications in the social network.

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G. Vijay Kumar, V. Sushma Reddy, Y. Ruthvik, Ch. Padmavathi. (2020). Privacy Management System Using Ip-Address. International Journal of Advanced Science and Technology, 29(05), 908 - 914. Retrieved from