An Improved RSSI Localization in LOS / NLOS Environment

  • M.Srinivas, P.Durgaprasadarao


In recent years, the importance of Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) is gradually increased. The localization ias the promising field in WSN. The use of localization is vital in the fields like asset tracking, health monitoring and agriculture etc. The sensing data without location information is useless. This is the basis for the localization in diverse applications. In some of the applications, the nodes are randomly deployed. In this situation, the target node localization is very difficult. Trilateration technique is employed in this work along with RSSI localization. RSSI technique is a simple localization technique. The RMSE is measured in LOS and NLOS environment. The localization error is 0.85m for indoor and 0.91m for outdoor localization.

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