Data Mining Process with iAgents

  • Amar Jukuntla, Pavan Kumar Kolluru, M Bhargavi, N Uttej Kumar


Most of the existing approaches in data mining are verifying the rules in a single relation database among multi-relational databases which are useful for the data cleaning. In this paper, we introduces an efficient approach for mining the data from multi-relational database for distributed data mining applications. An intelligent agent is used to achieve its goal based on the environment observation. An intelligent process is introduced to clean the data from multiple relational databases and representing the knowledge, with the combination of existing data mining algorithms. This is useful for how accurately data is selected, processed, transformed and represented data from different sources.

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Amar Jukuntla, Pavan Kumar Kolluru, M Bhargavi, N Uttej Kumar. (2020). Data Mining Process with iAgents. International Journal of Advanced Science and Technology, 29(05), 778 - 784. Retrieved from