An Overview on V2V Communication with Respect to V2I Communication

  • G.Harish, Dr.P.Shyamala Bharathi


Road safety is the first measure and priority for any government, a common man required to look at, but unfortunately, this is not going with them.  Therefore vehicle manufacturing companies got instruction from many governments across the world to adjust the safety measures for a common person with the vehicles. From olden days the transport system has diversely changed and helps the human to reach their destination quick and fast but all not is this, advancement in transport technology needs a look a prior accident detection or simply gathering the information of vehicles around the vehicle, which will improve the mortality rate due to accidents as considering major and minor ones. In this paper, a survey study will be presented to share information on safety measurement portions from avoiding accidental collisions like V2V (VEHICLE To VEHICLE) communication and V2I (VEHICLE To INFRASTRUCTURE) communication and discusses their pros and cons with respect to their pros and cons.

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