Cancer Therapy Using Big Data Analytics And Geoinformatic Approach

  • Apoorva Maheshwari, Hardik Dhamija, B. Ida Seraphim


Cancer is becoming one of the biggest threats to human beings around the globe. As observed, millions and millions of people die because of it making it the most common disease. India is one of those countries where over a million people are diagnosed with cancer every year. Some of them survive as they get the appropriate treatment but they are even less than 30% of the people diagnosed. This shows that we lack the capability to diagnose and prevent the disease from spreading. Keeping these facts in mind, the paper focuses on providing better healthcare options by applying Data Mining and Big Data Analytics techniques. This ensures that everyone in the country gets the right treatment for cancer in the right place. We also focus on funds sufficiency by the government to the people who cannot afford treatment. Likewise, life expectancy can also be predicted based on the causes and treatments for a particular city. Additionally, a recommendation will further be there for giving the location of the new hospitals that can be made for cancer treatment. However, a different Geo-Informatic approach is also used to compare and predict the mortality rates based on the affected areas. India is a developing country and it must reach its highest potential by eradicating such diseases. 

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