Smart Shopping with Integrated Secure System based on IoT

  • Dr.Ramkumar J, Dr.M. Baskar*, MViswak, M D Ashish


In recent days, Internet of Things (IoT) plays a major part in changing social routine activities by integrating the customized things. i.e., in market, all things can be customized based on the user wish and related it with by forming an intelligent shopping scenario. In such an intelligent framework, a reasonable RFID tag to be associated with each and individual item that is fixed into a smart shopping cart, it is consequently examined by a basket equipped with a RFID peruse. Subsequently, billing will be charged and moved from shopping cart instead of making the customer to wait for a long time at the billing area. Thus, keen tracking is incorporated into the modified structure and prepared with RFID peruses, and can display store, or maybe similarly revitalizing a main server. Additional bit of scope of this kind of structure is that standard management turns out to be with less complex and maintain more accuracy, as every things can be automatically examined by a RFID peruse rather than truly scanned by a worker. To favor the chance of modified structure, right now identify the plan necessities of an intelligent shopping structure, construct a proposed model to test practicality, and structure a protected communication agreement to make the framework from down to earth. As far as we could possibly know, this is the first run through a brilliant shopping framework is proposed with security viable.

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Dr.Ramkumar J, Dr.M. Baskar*, MViswak, M D Ashish. (2020). Smart Shopping with Integrated Secure System based on IoT. International Journal of Advanced Science and Technology, 29(05), 301 - 312. Retrieved from