• Elanthirayan.R, Vedavalli.S.P, Brindha.R, Ananthi Christy.A


This paper proposes five switch, 7 level inverter with filters of various which in turn minimize the Total Harmonic Distortion (THD), thus it is applicable renewable energy applications. Multilevel Inverter gives controllable frequency and output voltage balanced condition by flow of power between on DC sources and load in unidirectional manner. The size and cost is very high due to the usage of number of switches are more. To prevail this drawback, new topological inverter is introduced with lesser number of power electronics switches. In conventional multilevel inverters current waveforms and output voltage are highly distorted because of higher value of Total Harmonic Distortion which cannot be used in applications like industries and renewable energy fed drives. So the THD of output voltage is minimized by using multilevel inverter. As we increase the levels, it gets the sinusoidal waveform, and the Total Harmonic Distortion percentage has been limited. Here 7 level multilevel inverter with 5 semiconductor switches, 4 dc sources and pulse width modulation method has been introduced by phase disposition PWM technique Total Harmonic Distortion. In future to minimize the Total Harmonic Distortion filters can be used. Simulation is implemented in MATLAB/SIMULINK. With fewer power electronic switches, reducesthe installation area, cost and have simple of control system.

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Elanthirayan.R, Vedavalli.S.P, Brindha.R, Ananthi Christy.A. (2020). SIMULATION OF SEVEN LEVEL INVERTER (MLI) WITH REDUCED SWITCH CONFIGURATION. International Journal of Advanced Science and Technology, 29(6s), 158 - 163. Retrieved from