Indian Biotechnology Law: Need of the hour

(In wake of Covid-19)

  • Dr. Anjani Singh Tomar, Dr. Saira Gori


If anyone has to explain the greatest achievement men has made so far, it will be the Biotechnology or the ability to interfere with the genetic makeup of the organisms. The term biotechnology is where technology is used to manipulate the living organism. What in the present day world is most talked about? It is the biotechnology only. The latest scenario with the spread of virus, all across the globe has made it imperative for us to ponder on this knowledge again. No one can ever doubt how much of its development has eased everything for human kind, but equally true is that it has left behind the law. When the society is the concern, then definitely the law should get the primacy over all else. Time and again we have seen that whether it is the Information Technology or the Biotechnology, the law is created or strengthened only after there is some problem with the technology. The present article is going to examine the laws related to the biotechnology across the major international institutions of the world. It is also going to analyse how the law is lagging behind the major technologies.  India is the second most populous country of the world. It is high time that India should frame its biotechnology regulation clearly to combat the situation like today. The main area of the concern is to show that without proper regulations in place the biotechnology is going to be the threat then the tool for human kind. The paper will conclude with the suggestions to be incorporated in this area.

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