Interaction of E-Learning Based Translation learning in Universitas Terbuka (Open University)

  • Noni Marlianingsih, Emzir, Saifurrohman


The purpose of this study was to obtain empirical data about strategies and interaction patterns conducted by tutors in building the learning interactions during e-learning based translation at the Open University. The methodology used in this study is the ednographic. Ethnography is a research method aimed at studying aspects of people's culture. The use of ethnographic methods is considered relevant to assessing the culture of users and people in cyberspace. In this study, using the Systematic Literature Review technique, the authors propose to discuss what topics are raised in ethnographic studies in learning e-learning-based translation and how ethnographic studies are conducted by previous researchers in searching for activities on the Web. Discussions with active participation with discussions and interviews carried out to get a general picture that discusses the community and Web users in learning e-learning based translation. This library study provides facilities for lecturers and students to learn translation based on e-learning at the Open University and how to understand how to do translations based on virtual ethnography.

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