• Naina Kaur , Puneet Kaur Dhingra


The advent of technology, internet has made it possible to interact with numerous people at just one click with the help of social network service platforms. Social communication channel is the new buzzword. E-corporate culture can be accounted for mammoth changes towards learning, perception, values and decision making among the employees, which facilitate better understanding of organization’s culture infused with social media usage and its benefits and inhibitors. The new corporate culture is a reflection of the changes in the way people interact informally and formally via digitized modes. Understanding human behaviour and their communication forms in an organization is imperative for improving and framing an organization's work atmosphere. This article highlights how social media creates better workplace ambience, resulting in positive feelings among the employees and also underlines the fact that social media could be possibly leveraged upon for enhanced interaction between the managers and employees. In this paper, efforts have been made to conduct a primary survey among Delhi/NCR corporate level employees, pointing out the idiosyncrasies of organizational culture emanating due to presence of social interactive platforms as a medium of communication among employees.

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