Clinical Study of Opportunistic Infections in HIV Seropositive Patients

  • Dr Makarand Mane, DR Priyanka M Mane


HIV infected Patients like other immune suppressed individual develop serious Opportunistic infections, which may be one of the initial presenting Symptoms. The frequency, morbidity and Presentation of these infections vary with the degree of immunosuppressant as well as the prevalence of infectious organisms in a given individual environment. The aim of study was to assess the incidence of various opportunistic infections in HIV sero- positive cases and the objectives were to determine age and gender wise distribution of opportunistic infections in HIV-sero-positive patients and to study various clinical presentations of various opportunistic infections in sero-positive patients. The present study was undertaken in the department of Medicine of Krishna Institute of Medical sciences and Krishna Hospital and Medical Research. One hundred sero -positive patients hospitalized during this period were included in the study. A detailed clinical history regarding symptomatology, duration of illness, age, sex etc were noted. The study results were opportunistic infections were common in the age group 20 to 40 years, mean age group was 30 years. The opportunistic infections in HIV positive patients were common in males 79% as compared to females 21% and most common presentations of HIV sero- positive patients is Fever 89% and second cough 60%. The Pulmonary Tuberculosis is common in HIV patients (28%), Tuberculosis lymph-adenopathy was second common in HIV patients (9%) and  oral candidiasis was found in 37% of patients .Present clinical study concluded that there were presence of many opportunistic Infections were present in  HIV Seropositive Patients.

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