Let’s Drive Along: Car Pool - Congestion to Convenience

  • Dr. Bhavani Akkapeddi,Dr. N. Meena Rani


Getting stuck in traffic became a regular affair in Metropolitan cities of India. Many initiatives of government, traffic police and other voluntary organizations failed to find a solution. Let’s Drive Along, a startup, leveraged technology to offer carpooling solutions to the corporate employees, with an aim to contribute its might to address the issue.  Let’s Drive Along comes out with a slogan “Save money, Reduce commuting stress and be a part of the 'solution' and not 'pollution'. Save Mother Earth!” It also got endorsement for safety and security from Bangalore Traffic Police and WEPPIA (Whitefield Export Promotion Park Industrial Association).  The aim of Let’s Drive Along was pushing its product (Car Pooling) by making commuters join hands and decongest the roads. With the technology in hand and the support from the police authorities and industrial associations, the start-up still faces teething problems as the actual car pools were very less. The challenge was convincing customers to adopt it.

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