Landfills as a Support of the Public Open Space

  • Rahmadhani Fitri, Novalinda, Anwar Soleh Purba


The Ministry of Environment and Forestry announced 10 of the dirtiest cities in the Adipura 2018 assessment, one of which was Medan City. These cities have the lowest score among hundreds of districts or cities, including the management of landfill ( TPA Terjun is a Medan City Landfill located in the Kelurahan Terjun, Medan District, Marelan. TPA Terjun is managed by the Department of Sanitation and Landscaping in the city of Medan, which has been operating since 1993 on an area of ​​137,563 m² with an open dumping system. Open Dumping gives the impression of being dirty, smell and uncomfortable. Utilization of TPA can be used as one of the contributions of Green Open Space. The research method uses surveys in observations and existing conditions, data collection and analysis and then planning landfill as public open space. The use of public open space in the TPA in addition to adding aesthetics also prevents the impression of smell, dirty and inconvenience.

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