Benefits of Open Source Software (OSS) tools for Smart City Projects

  • Vishwesh Akre, Amala V. Rajan


Smart city concept is gaining increasing recognition not only in developed countries but also in developing and even under-developed countries. This is due to the situations created by overuse of natural resources and misuse of environment. Smart city involves multiple projects in the public – private domain – aimed to provide efficient services to citizens and other stakeholders at the same time optimizing the limited resources at dispense of the city administrations, including limited budgets. The concept of Open Source Software (OSS) nurtures open sharing of software codes and technology without added costs or with minimum costs for the benefit of people. The OSS concept brings a wealth of opportunities for smart city projects with dual benefit of knowledge sharing and cost savings. This paper is an honest attempt to provide more insights into use of open source software in multiple aspects in smart city projects.

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