Voltage Amplification in Power Harvest During Cycling Exercise

  • Gopinath. R , Andrews Samraj, Ragupathi. P


        The demand for Electrical Energy across world enormously increasing due to the emerging of newer electrical devices and their utility. Non-conventional way of energy harvesting is a potential area were novel methods are being identified are interesting. The challenge is the amount of energy produced which is very less when compare to conventional generations. The major advantage of generating electricity in greener ways is another achievement towards protecting the environment. The human activity is also a promising area of energy generation that is well aligned with the human life cycle. Such human activity includes in energy creation are walking, cycling and other repetitive activities. The energy created through such activities are either limited in energy quantity or in duration. The proposed system is to directly address the short falls of human activity energy creation and achieved its goal significantly. The benefit of the proposed system is both in energy creation and in providing fitness to humans those who like to perform their regular fitness activities. A gain of 50 -100% power over the conventional generators is achieved by using voltage doubler circuit and buck boost converter given in the proposed system designed.

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