Security in Wireless Sensor Network (WSN): A Detailed Survey

  • Ankur Sirohi, Dr. Amit K. Agarwal


Wireless sensor network employs small devices (or sensors) with constrained abilities to sense, gather, and distribute the data in various real-world scenarios. Since these networks become broad-opened, security`s issues become a primary interest, particularly in assignments for mission-critical. In this paper, threats to sensor to sensor`s networks and vulnerabilities are identified. Then a summary for security`s concern is provided. These concerns are then classified into 7 classes namely attacks identification (or detection) and prevention, cryptography, key management, physical security, secure information fusion, secure routing and different security issues. Simultaneously the advantages and dis-advantages of modern security schemes in each category are analysed. Moreover, different approaches and methods which are used. In these categories are also summarized in the paper.

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