Study on Caching issues and cache management in Named Data Networking

  • Sugandha, Saroj A. Shambharkar


It has been observed that the retrieval of information by the Internet users is growing day by day. The users demand for information retrieval, web services, communication technologies due to which the usage of popular websites related to social networking, on-line shopping, and educational resources has been increased. This results into increase in Internet traffic, bandwidth demand, load on the network, issues with caching increased, latency gets affected. There is limitation on capacity of network resources and server too and due to this and we are unable to fulfill the request of every user and the  load of unsatisfied requests for the content is getting maximized. As we are observing there is increase in internet sources due to which the load on the servers are increased. Therefore, there are issues related to caching content items they should by handle at the data centres. The caching is opted by most of the Web Service data Centers as it is a feasible technique, caching is dominant performance metric in the computer systems. The two things related to such systems are cache design issues and economical implication of caching, both are tightly coupled. Named Data Network is a new network /Internet architecture. It raised many challenges and opportunities which not able to get from IP based network. There are two major issues with sending the content in the Named Data Networking, the first is limit on the number of routing states and lack of efficient multi path forwarding of the interest. Both should be handled and can be achieved to improve performance of network. The forwarding of interest is a critical issue in NDN that’s why, NDN requires effective caching and intelligent interest packets forwarding.

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