Mortality Prediction using Machine Learning Techniques

  • Parul Kundra, Hari Mohan Singh, Pooja Juneja


The prediction of mortality of a human is a foremost challenging task in today's era. By the advancement of technology in medical science as well as in computer science has now lead us to a path where we are capable of predicting the mortality of a person by using machine learning techniques. The prediction of mortality will be based on some parameters or tests that are taken by the doctors when a patient is admitted to the hospital with the help of sensors, machines, syringes, etc. In this work, we will be evaluating the prediction model on 79999 patients with 342 features. Here we have predicted the mortality of a patient, i.e. (dead or alive), who is admitted in the hospital using deep learning model and various machine learning models methods like logistic regression, linear SVM, random forest, etc. Out of this linear SVM gave the best accuracy of 74 percent.

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