Predicting the Prostate Cancer: High Risk Cancer death in Men’s

  • Dr. Anil Kumar Dubey, Puneet Kumar Goyal


Cancer is more crucial disease to human body require to concern the behavior for healthy society. Both men’s and women’s are suffering from some types of cancers.  Previous decades have ordering the different cancer as per the cancer effects on society: death and patients. Contemporary decade’s shows that prostate cancer is the second largest cancer predicted in men’s. The augmented occurrence of prostate cancer led the notable variations in the process of diagnosis and treatment from past. Without sympathetic the behavior of prostate cancer and about their symptoms, the prevention and the diagnosis for different stages are more difficult. It’s challenge for society governing council to aware the knowledge of such type of cancer to society to minimalize the possibilities of cancer occurrence because the topic is not discuss openly to the society. Prediction of such a dangerous disease based on the KNN and SVM model is outlined.

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