• Surbhi Nagar, Dr. Prashasti Jain


The review paper intends to study and investigate the causes of criminal behaviour and their prevention though the examination of previous studies. A systematic review has been made to examine the causes leading to criminal behaviour and to understand the suggestible prevention methods that can be helpful in preventing criminal acts. The purpose of the study is to capture the knowledge of this branch of psychology while investigating it through the literature provided regarding criminal behaviour and prevention. Biological, Socio-economic conditions, inappropriate needs, peer groups and various psychological factors have been identified as causal factors of criminal behaviour. Parts of the brain are also linked to aggressive behaviour (Reddy, Menon and Hunjan, 2018). Past researches and literature in the area indicate that there are certain factors that correlate to criminal behaviour ranging from family environment to substance abuse and the prevention ranging from therapies to adopting effective meditation procedures in reduction of criminal behaviour. Various yogic practices, occupational therapy and other methods of therapy have emerged in the field which should be further researched, explored and utilized as preventive measures to criminal behaviour.

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