A legend of speckled Hearts: Kiran Desai’s The legacy of failure

  • Dr. V.Lakshmi Prasanna


Human beings are so fragile and impatient that they are easily subjected on emotional basis. It is in human nature that they empathise everything that emotionally attach with them. Emotion plays a vital role in the entire world of human relationship. It is not inept to note here that our thoughts are often forms the core of our actions. It reflects the framework of our psychology greatly. There are instances in the world of living where one work affects because of the mood of a person. Deliberately, the writers across the world develop and circle their thoughts around emotional balance of human beings in various points. They successfully stress the effect of a particular crisis and it’s outcomes on human mind. The present research paper deals with the effects of such crisis on the lives of human being who are deeply engulfed in their normal life. The study is a sincere endeavour to bring to the fore a serious effect of Nepali-a politically motivated-uprising on the common man living peacefully, amicably in harmony with nature.

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