Impact of Information Behavior Online towards Customer Loyalty in Mobile Applications in Thailand

  • Wirapong Chansanam, Umawadee Detthamrong


The goal of this study is to examine the results of online consumer information behavior in the direction of purchaser loyalty in e-commerce mobile applications in Thailand. Here, the data have been gathered with the aid of the use of a questionnaire from 356 on-line shoppers in Thailand. The statistic used for data analysis were multiple correlation analysis and multiple regression analysis, also the online customer information behavior was set as the independent variable that effected on customer loyalty. With the results of the study, design and pleasure have a full-size high-quality relationship and effectiveness with consumer loyalty however security has a significant negative. Also, design, assortment, perceived value, security, fulfillment, satisfaction, and trust have positively moderated the makes ordinary repeat purchase, purchases across product and carrier lines, refers others and demonstrates an immunity to the pull of the competition. In summary, on-line customer attitudes are the antecedent of customer loyalty; application design, utility security, and pride are the thing of explaining client loyalty; and online consumer attitudes is the partial moderator of the relationships. Potential dialogue is effectively carried out in the study. Theoretical and managerial contributions are obviously provided. Conclusion and hints and instructions for future lookup are also emphasized.

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