• Dr. C. Selvaraj, Dr. Anitha N, Prof. Janani Ravinagarajan


Sentiment analysis are inevitable as part of online shopping now a days. Reviews, ranking of the products, key words associated with the product features, stars assigned to the products and numbers of reviews are influential factors of e-shopping of a customer. When a shopper has found more and more rating and reviews on a particular product, he tempted towards that product. This study focused on the influential factors and its extension of impact. To understand the purchase intentions of the customers of Bangalore city, simple random sampling model was adopted. About 121 valid responses were collected, consolidated and analyzed. Analysis was done using the regression analysis to identify the impact of effectiveness of online reviews on purchase intention. The models were represented in a path diagram and SEM technique was adopted for estimations. The inference of the study is stating that social, financial, time; performance, physical and security are the major influencing factors of the e-shopping.

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