• P. Ajay Kumar Reddy, Dr G.N Kodanda Ramaiah, Dr M.N Giri Prasad


For identity of humans and their emotional status of the human, face carries more information. Recognition of face becomes interesting and challenging task. Most researchers investigated extensively on faces because of its huge range of applications. The automatic recognition of face from different angles, changes in illumination, expressions, noise in the images are several issues of face recognition systems. In this paper, the research work concentrated mainly on face detection, feature extraction and classification. In face detection, by successive methods faces are detected. LBP method was used for feature extraction. For classification, the features of face are related with the features of faces from the database. Here Sparse Representation is used for classification. The experimental result indicates that the proposed approach has better efficiency in face verification under noise conditions.

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Dr M.N Giri Prasad, P. A. K. R. D. G. K. R. (2020). ROBUST FACE VERIFICATION USING SPARSE REPRESENTATION. International Journal of Advanced Science and Technology, 29(3s), 1715 - 1721. Retrieved from