• I Dewa Made Suartha, Hervina Puspitosari, Bagus Hermanto


The environment includes all objects and conditions impacted human inhabitant and living things include power (energy), circumstances, living things, humans and their behavior as well as living space that forms a synergic and inseparable order from one another as regulates in Article 1 number (1) of Law Number 32 Year 2009 concerning Environmental Protection and Management (hereinafter abbreviated as the 2009 EPM Law). This article was conducted to finding, researching and analyzing how does the registration of adat land or communal rights affects the carrying capacity of the environment and the reconstruction of norms that encourage compliance with customary land registration or communal rights to environmental carrying capacity. Whereas Communal Rights on land still do not guarantee legal certainty because the Communal Rights issued are based on the Agrarian Minister Regulation or the Draft Land Law, not based on Laws as other land rights, or as regulated in Article 16 paragraph (1) h of the 1960 BRAP Law, which determines the possibility of new land rights in the future determined by Law. The compliance of the customary law community of Klungkung Regency over the certification of their land with Communal Rights can be seen that first, specifically for the land owned by the Pura, the whole process of certification has been carried out even though not all of the Communal Rights certificates have been issued. Secondly, for customary community lands / pakraman villages which are village land or village plots which are managed by each member of pakraman village community up to now have not been certified because there are doubts and feel uncomfortable and there are concerns over land issues concerned and in the context of maintaining togetherness with the adat law community concerned.

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