• Sowmiya.M, Dr.B.Aiswarya


In the present globalized business environment with human resources being viewed as a main source in the new advanced economic era, the problem of balancing work-life becomes very essential for sustaining a happy, healthy, and committed workforce. The problem which comes from conflicts of balancing work and family life experienced by the employees may disturb the ability of organization to realize the full ability of their employees. The companies should identify the employee’s personal problems that can impact the job performance and balancing work and family life of the employees is an important issues for attracting, retaining and getting the best out of their employee. The main aim of this paper is to make an analysis on work life balance among women nurses working in hospitals with special reference to Chennai city. This article majorly study on the factors affecting work life balance and relationship between few variable related to work life balance were studied and few measures to enhance the work life balance among women nurses were also identified. So in today’s competitive and globalized business environment the organizations should recognize the role of their employees so that it will be helpful for them to improve their abilities and technical skills and it will result in satisfaction of employees towards their job by providing them with best work-life balance policies.

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