Estimation of maximum time to process user request in cloud computing system

  • Rasha Mohseen Hadi, Shaker Razag Abd Alkareem, baydaa Hadi Saoudi


Cloud computing is a term that refers to sources and computer systems which is available on networks, which can provide a number of integrated computer services without being restricted to local resources, the user can access it via the Internet. We have studied cloud computing system in case, that the user sends complex requests to the system consisting of several sub queries. To process each sub query, one resource unit is allocated. The accurate assessment of the effectiveness of cloud computing resources is a prerequisite for ensuring the required quality of service. The response time, is the maximum of sub queries service times, is chosen as an indication of effectiveness of a cloud computing system. To analyze the characteristics of response time, a simplified mathematical model of a cloud system was constructed as a queuing system with single Poisson input flow of requests and several subsystems (a buffer and a server). Each of the incoming requests at the time of receipt is divided into several parts serviced by its queuing subsystem with an unlimited storage capacity accumulator and an exponential distribution of the service time.

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